Krav Maga Street Defence was founded in 1999 by Michael Rüppel.

Meanwhile he has the 7th Dan in Krav Maga, awarded by two of the best Israeli martial arts systems - Dr.  Dennis Hanover, 12th Dan, from Dennis Hisardut and Meni Mehabad, 10th Dan, from Krav Maga Haim Zut.

Michael Rüppel is the highest graduate non-Israeli in Krav Maga outside of Israel - the birthplace of Krav Maga.

Working hard on his Krav Maga Street Defence System, he is now a globally recognized Krav Maga expert.

He has made it his goal to give his students the best tool on the way so that they can defend themselves against all kinds of violence.

Through his experience in the security sector and on the street, he knows exactly what the violence looks like today and has developed his own version of the official Krav Maga.
Instead of static techniques without resistance or against the attacker's reactions, he teaches his students how to defend against dynamic attacks and how the attacker reacts.  This makes Krav Maga Street Defence more modern than classic Krav Maga systems.


Above all, his techniques in the areas of firearms, knives, ground combat and self-defense made him known outside of Germany.

Today he gives seminars worldwide and trains in Krav Maga.
In particular in the area of ​​police authorities, Michael Rüppel works as a Instructor worldwide, for example:

  •  German police
  •  Israeli Police
  •  Ordnungsamt Essen
  •  Ordnungsamt Gelsenkirchen 
  •  Ordnungsamt Ennepetal 
  •  Lotar Counter Terror School Israel
  •  Yamas (Mistaravim)
  •  Shayetet 13, die israelischen   Navy SEALs
  •  Metzada Unit
  •  Homeland Security
  •  Miami Dade Special Response Team
  •  Police Combat and Expert Group      China
  •  Miami Dade Police Department 
  • Hialeah Police Department
  • Florida Department of Investigative and Forensic Services
  •  Panama Special Untis
  •  San Diego Police


Krav Maga Street Defence now serves 4,500 students worldwide, including schools in Germany, the Netherlands, France, America, Panama, Ecuador and Spain.

The motto is: quality instead of quantity.

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